Idolatry, Paganism, and Trust in Nature


  • Bron Taylor University of Florida



Contemporary Paganism, Henry David Thoreau, Nature Religion, Idolatry


Since nature is the wellspring of all life, I suggest that, in contrast to the Abrahamic view, a type of idolatry of nature is valuable to humanity, even though it need not involve perceptions of or beliefs in non-material divine beings. Indeed, a spirituality that considers nature to be intrinsically valuable and sacred and that advances kinship ethics with non-human organisms and expresses a deep sense of humility about the human place in the biosphere is growing rapidly in the world, largely outside of explicitly Pagan subcultures.

Author Biography

Bron Taylor, University of Florida

Professor of Religion and Nature Religion Department



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Taylor, B. (2011). Idolatry, Paganism, and Trust in Nature. Pomegranate, 12(1), 103–108.



Special Section: Idolatry and Materiality

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