The Dievturi Movement in the Reports of the Latvian Political Police (1939–1940)


  • Anita Stasulane Daugavpils University



Dievturi, Pērkonkrusts, Ernests Brastiņš, radicalism, neo-paganism in Latvia


The Dievturi movement, a revived Paganism formed in Latvia in the early twentieth century, would have seemed to to be in accordance with national politics of the Latvian Republic after the coup of May 15, 1934, but the authoritarian regime of K?rlis Ulmanis (1877-1942) showed a deep lack of trust towards Dievturi. The reports of the Latvian Political Police stored in the funds of Latvian State Historical Archives deal with the Dievturi movement shortly before the occupation of Latvia by Soviet troops in 1940. The paper examines how the Dievturi movement is reflected in the discourse of the authoritarian regime. The narratives of secret agents include information on the political views of Dievturi and on their connections to the P?rkonkrusts (Thunder cross) movement, as well as references on the structure of the movement, detailed description of its ritual celebrations etc.

Author Biography

Anita Stasulane, Daugavpils University

Anita Stasulane is Professor of history of religions at Daugavpils University, Latvia. She graduated from Latvian University (1985) and Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy (1998). She has been working mainly on the history of western esotericism. She is Editor-in-chief of “Kultūras Studijas” (Cultural Studies), and is a member of the Latvian Council of Science Expert Committee for Philosophy, Theology and Religious Sciences.


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