Virtual Mediation of the Holy Spirit

Prospects for Digital Pentecostalism


  • Mark J Cartledge London School of Theology



internet, digital, virtual, mediation, Holy Spirit, church


This article explores the prospect for an academic account of digital Pentecostalism given the propensity that Pentecostals have towards the use of modern technology. It uses a recent Roman Catholic discussion of “virtual communion” as a point of departure and aims to transpose the discussion into a Pentecostal key. Using the concept of the mediation of the Holy Spirit as a bridge between the two traditions it considers the transposition of virtual communion, virtual logic and remediation, as well as the internet as an ancillary or alternative space. The intention of the article is not to offer a definitive account but to develop a conversation around digitally mediated Pentecostalism. This is a conversation that has already started but, in light of a greater dependency on internet communication due to Covid-19, invites more sustained attention.


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