Pentecostal Mission through Contextualization


  • Andy Lord St Helen’s Church, Nottingham



Contextualization, Pentecostal/charismatic mission


Pentecostalism is known as a movement which emphasizes evangelism through which it has grown around the world. It is less appreciated that the movement has a strong contextual desire to engage with different social settings. This article argues that Pentecostal growth occurs through a mix of translation and synthetic models of contextualization. Further, it suggests a pentecostal contribution to thinking on contextualization through the theme of hospitality and a study of two key passages in the book of Acts. Hence the article contributes something to both mission and Pentecostal studies, providing foundations for further study and growth.

Author Biography

Andy Lord, St Helen’s Church, Nottingham

Andy Lord leads three churches in Nottingham, UK. He has a PhD in Pentecostal Ecclesiology and is the author of Spirit-Shaped Mission (Paternoster Press, 2005).


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