Christ, Evil, and Suffering in Ghanaian Christian Liturgy


  • Joseph Quayesi-Amakye Central University College



Ghanaian Christianity, evil and suffering, victory and freedom, identity transformation, power, contextualization


This paper examines the contextualization of the Jesus story by Ghanaian Christians. It approaches it through the analysis and evaluation of inherent ideas in their songs, sermons and practices that reflect their interpretation of the Christian experience in relation to primal religion and culture, and the Bible. The results show that Ghanaian Christians do not play down the ubiquity of evil in the world. Nonetheless, they see in Jesus Christ the incomparable, victorious Saviour who has made it possible for believers to overcome the evils of this world. Accordingly, they insist that in Christ believers can enjoy “full” and “complete” salvation in every area of life.

Author Biography

Joseph Quayesi-Amakye, Central University College

Joseph Quayesi-Amakye holds a PhD and an MA in Theology from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and an MPhil in Religious Studies and BA in Theology from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He is a senior lecturer and head of department at the Central University College in Dansoman-Accra, Ghana. He has already published two books (Christology and Evil in Ghana: Towards a Pentecostal Public Theology and Prophetism in Ghana Today: A Study on Trends in Pentecostal Prophetism) and several articles in international refereed journals.


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