Gender and Agency in Spirit-Filled Christianity


  • Anna Stewart Independent Scholar
  • Helen Mo University of Toronto
  • Saliha Chattoo University of Toronto



gender, religious studies, Pentecostalism, charismatic churches

Author Biographies

Anna Stewart, Independent Scholar

Anna Stewart is an anthropologist whose research focuses on media and gender in conservative Christianity. For her doctoral research she carried out multi-sited ethnographic work in evangelical and charismatic churches in Brighton, UK, considering in this research and her subsequent published work the manner in which believers use the internet as they locate themselves in relation to their local congregation, the global community of believers, and a fallen world. She has taught introductions to anthropology, research methods, and the study of religion at the University of Sussex and the University of Kent.

Helen Mo, University of Toronto

Helen Mo is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto's Department for the Study of Religion. Her research traces the concurrent formations of Toronto's Chinese evangelical community and its "ethnoburban" context; drawing from history, anthropology, and human geography, Helen examines how transnational ethnoreligious imaginaries shape and reflect immigrants' senses of place, identity, and civic possibility within and against broader discourses of secularism and multiculturalism. She is a Junior Fellow of Massey College, a former secondary-school educator, and co-founder of Sunday Morning Salon, a current-affairs discussion group for young adults.

Saliha Chattoo, University of Toronto

Saliha Chattoo is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto who studies the anthropology of Christianity in North America. Her doctoral work focuses on evangelical performance-based conversion events in the United States, with an interest in how these events allow youth participants to cultivate their own religious and political identities while using performance as a medium of intervention into the American public sphere. Saliha has presented papers at conferences throughout Canada and the United States, and is currently the Graduate Student Representative on the executive committees of both the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion and the American Anthropological Association’s Society for the Anthropology of Religion.






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Stewart, A., Mo, H., & Chattoo, S. (2016). Gender and Agency in Spirit-Filled Christianity. PentecoStudies, 15(2), 116–128.



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