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Haanstad, Eric, University of Freiburg
Hagen, Ross, Utah Valley University
Hall, Peter
Hannan, Michael
Harley, Ross
Harrison, Anthony, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Hayward, Phil, Macquarie University
Hayward, Philip, SCU Division of Research
Hayward, Philip, Southern Cross University
Hayward, Philip
Hayward, Philip, Macquarie University
Hayward, Philip, University of Technology Sydney
Henderson, April
Hill, Barry, Southern Cross University
Hill, Barry , Southern Cross University
Hoad, Catherine, Massey University
Hoad, Catherine, Macquarie University (Australia)
Homan, Shane, Monash University
Homan, Shane
Hosokawa, Shuhei
Hosokawa, Shuhei (Japan)
Hughes, Diane, Macquarie University
Hunt, Simon
Hurley, Andrew, University of Technology, Sydney
Hurley, Andrew, School of International Studies, University of Technology, Sydney

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