policy and popular music


  • Jennifer Cattermole Otago University, Dunedin
  • Martin Cloonan University of Glasgow
  • Shane Homan Monash University



Music policy, popular music, radio

Author Biographies

Jennifer Cattermole, Otago University, Dunedin

Jennifer Cattermole is Lecturer in Music at the University of Otago. Her research interests include music policy, community music-making, and the role of music in reflecting and constructing place and identity.

Martin Cloonan, University of Glasgow

Martin Cloonan is Professor of Popular Music Politics at the University of Glasgow. His research interests include censorship, music policy and live music. He is currently working on a history of the UK’s Musicians’ Union (

Shane Homan, Monash University

Shane Homan is Associate Professor and Head of Communications and Media Studies at Monash University. He has recently completed ARC Discovery grant projects on popular music policy and cultural memory and popular music, and is the author of The Music Recording Sector in Australia: Strategic Initiatives (Australia Council, 2012).


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