Gender, Popular Music and Australian Identity

Introduction to Special Issue


  • Catherine Strong RMIT University



gender, Australia, inequality, popular music


 This introduction gives an overview of the limited literature that is available on the subject of gender and popular music in the Australian context. Despite demonstrable ongoing gender disparity in the Australian music industry, very little academic attention has been paid to this issue. This special edition aims to at least partly address this gap. This opening article introduces the texts for the special issue, and places them into a framework that will demonstrate the relevance and importance of the special issue in terms of finding space for the debates on gender in this field.    

Author Biography

Catherine Strong, RMIT University

Catherine Strong is a lecturer in the Music Industry program at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. Among her publications are Grunge: Popular Music and Memory (Ashgate, 2011), and Death and the Rock Star (edited with Barbara Lebrun, Ashgate, 2015). Her research deals with various aspects of memory, nostalgia and gender in rock music, popular culture and the media. She is currently Chair of IASPM-ANZ and reviews editor for Perfect Beat.   


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