The Impact of COVID-19 on the Welsh Music Industries

A Strategic Partnership with Welsh Government


  • Paul Carr University of South Wales



Welsh Government, culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee, COVID-19, pandemic, live music


This article reflects upon an extensive report written by Paul Carr for the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee (CWLCC), a body that recommends policy to Welsh Government and holds it to account. After initially providing a brief historical account of the ways in which the UK and more specifically the Welsh Government responded to the pandemic in terms of generic and targeted support, in addition to how private sector bodies “filled the gaps”, the article discusses how the report’s recommendations resonated with both the CWLCC Turn Up the Volume report and the official Welsh Government response, providing an account of how three distinct narratives (the reports from Carr, the CWLCC and Welsh Government) have been able to improve the prospects of live music stakeholders in Wales.

Author Biography

Paul Carr, University of South Wales

Paul Carr is professor in Popular Music Analysis at the University of South Wales. His research focuses on musicology, the music industry and pedagogical frameworks for music education. His recent publications are a monograph on Sting (2017), guest editorship of the journal Popular Music History (“Curating and Documenting Local Popular Music Histories”, 2020) and of the Journal of Popular Music Education (“Popular Music Education in Wales”, 2021).


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