JWPM 2022


Dear readers and supporters of the Journal of World Popular Music,


it has been a while since our last announcement, and we wanted to say thank you for your continued interest in and support of the Journal! 

We are also very pleased about the fact that we are about to reach an important milestone in the existence of our Journal. Next year, in 2023, we will celebrate the publication of our 10th volume or 20 issues, culminating in numerous peer-reviewed articles and reviews of newer and exciting research and scholarship on global popular music. In order to celebrate this milestone, we are seeking your views of how we can mark this important occasion. Please do get in touch with ideas, suggestions and submissions! 

This year's 9th volume features an important double special issue, edited by Paul Carr, which explores "The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Music Industries of the Global North". It is a particularly pressing research gap to fill at present, given that 'musicking' has been adversely affected by the recent and still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, much freshly emerging research focuses on the devastating impact of the pandemic on the creative industries, both in the UK and elsewhere, including its impact on cultural participation, employment and cultural workers’ experiences in order to highlight the challenges faced by cultural practitioners, organizations and audiences. Paul Carr's double special issue makes a significant contribution to this newly emerging body of writings on the harmful impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the music industries and its workers, audiences and fans.

What is also needed now also is research that sheds light on how in-person musicking can provide efficient strategies in the aftermath of the still ongoing pandemic and the transition to post-Covid-19 society, and how the creative industries can recover from its negative consequences, and we welcome article submissions that focus on these important issues explored through the lens of global popular music studies! 

Many thanks for your continued readership and support, and please do recommend our Journal to colleagues, friends, libraries and learned societies. 


With very best wishes,

Simone and Jonathan