Journal of Skyscape Archaeology: Announcements <p><em>The Journal of Skyscape Archaeology</em> (<em>JSA</em>) is concerned with the role and importance of the sky in the interpretation of the material record. Currently, elements of this study can be found separately in the disciplines of archaeoastronomy, archaeology, cultural astronomy, anthropology and history. <em>JSA </em>brings them together under the aegis of a new academic journal in order to promote cross-fertilization towards an understanding of the cosmologies of the societies who constructed and used the rich archaeological heritage we study today. <a href="">More about the journal.</a></p> en-US 2021/22 series of the Skyscape Archaeology Keynote Lectures <p>The <em>Journal of Skyscape Archaeology</em>, in collaboration with the Sophia Centre (University of Wales Trinity Saint David), the Sophia Centre Press and Bournemouth University, are proud to announce the 2021/22 series of the <em>Skyscape Archaeology Keynote Lectures</em>.</p> <p>Continuing from the success of last year, this second series draws on a number of different and unique voices to inform future trajectories, research questions and methods for skyscape archaeology. We aim for these keynotes to generate constructive dialogue around these topics, therefore each Zoom session will consist of a single 45 minute lecture followed by discussion.</p> <p>The schedule for the series is as follows:</p> <p>Date: Nov 17<sup>th</sup> 4pm GMT<br />Speaker: <a href="">Brian Hayden</a><br />Title: Secret Societies and the Origins of Astronomy </p> <p>Date: Dec 15<sup>th</sup> 4pm GMT<br />Speaker: <a href="">Bernadette Brady, Darrelyn Gunzburg and Fabio Silva</a><br />Title: The Sun's light at Michaelmas and the Cistercians of Britain and Ireland</p> <p>Date: Jan 26<sup>th</sup> 4pm GMT<br />Speaker: <a href="">Efrosyni Boutsikas</a><br />Title: Light, darkness and religious experience: Cognitive interpretations of ancient Greek Mystery cults</p> <p>Date: Feb 9<sup>th</sup> 4pm GMT<br />Speaker: <a href="">Susan Greaney</a><br />Title: Relations with the upper world in late Neolithic Britain: square-in-circle timber monuments and orientations at monument complexes </p> <p>Date: Mar 30<sup>th</sup> 4pm BST<br />Speaker: <a href="">Timothy Darvill</a><br />Title: Making Time at Stonehenge </p> <p>Date: Apr 13<sup>th</sup> 4pm BST<br />Speaker: <a href="">Timothy Pauketat</a><br />Title: Sky Gods and Climate Change: Alignments of Earth, Water, and the Moon from the Caddo to Cahokia </p> <p><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">The cost is £10 per session or £50 for all six. The proceeds from the lecture series will be used to fund another round of the JSA/Sophia Centre </span><a style="background-color: #ffffff; font-size: 0.875rem;" href="">Student Research Grants</a><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;"> and the </span><a style="background-color: #ffffff; font-size: 0.875rem;" href="">Lionel Sims Award</a><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;">.</span>Abstracts and speaker biographies are available by clicking on the speaker name above. All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings for a month afterwards (useful if you can't join live).</p> <p>For booking, <a href="">please click here</a>.</p> Journal of Skyscape Archaeology 2021-10-14 Winners of the Skyscape Archaeology Student Research Awards <p>The<em> Journal of Skyscape Archaeology</em> and the<em> Sophia Centre</em> (University of Wales Trinity Saint David) are proud to announce the winners of the Skyscape Archaeology Student Research Awards. The two winners, their affiliations and project titles are:<br /><br /> * Yuqing Chen (University of Durham) with project titled ‘How did astronomical phenomena and associated prehistoric cosmology differ between China and Europe?’;<br /><br /> * Hilda Natalia Sánchez (University of Wales Trinity Saint David) with project titled ‘Do heavenly bodies have a role in the Muisca myth of <em>Bachué</em>, as seen from the Villa de Leiva archaeological site and the <em>Iguaque</em> sacred lagoon?’.<br /><br />We wish them good luck with their projects and look forward to seeing the results of their research published in <em>JSA</em> in due course.</p> Journal of Skyscape Archaeology 2021-10-07