The Widow's Shield

Women and Eighteenth-Century Irish Freemasonry


  • Petri Mirala Independent Scholar



Ireland, female freemasonry, lodges, women, Elizabeth Aldworth


In this article it is argued that, while there is no documentary evidence for the existence of female freemasonry in Ireland in the eighteenth century, freemasonry indirectly impacted the lives of many Irish women.

Author Biography

Petri Mirala, Independent Scholar

Petri Mirala received his PhD from Trinity College Dublin in 1999 and is currently working as an EU civil servant in Brussels. His book Freemasonry in Ulster: a Social and Political History of the Masonic Brotherhood in the North of Ireland was published in 2007 (Dublin: Four Courts Press). He has published numerous articles on the history of freemasonry and related fraternities in Ireland.


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