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This international journal offers a platform for scholarship that challenges the traditional boundary between religion and non-religion and the tacit assumptions underlying this distinction. It invites contributions from a critical perspective on various cultural formations that are usually excluded from religion by the gatekeeping practices of the general public, practitioners, the law, and even some scholars of religion. 


Call for Papers: Bruno Latour and the Study of Religion


Bruno Latour (1947-2022) has been recognised as contributing significantly to fields as diverse as anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, philosophy, sociology and climate activism. But Latour’s first degree was in Biblical Studies, and has maintained an interest in religion throughout, most obviously in Rejoicing: or the Torments of Religious Speech (2013), an unusually personal work, confessional, almost sermon-like. Ostensibly, it concerns not “religion”, nor “religions” but the adverb “religiously”; what does it mean to talk religiously? This model challenges many of the common assumptions of the “Protestant” study of religion, with its stress on belief, texts and individual experiences.

This special issue of Implicit Religion sets out to consider the relevance, legacy and future potential of Latour’s work for the critical, social-scientific study of religion.

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Vol. 25 No. 1-2 (2022): Special Issue: Belief, Reconsidered

Guest Edited by Jack Williams and David G. Robertson

Published: 2023-11-17


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