Spectrographic analysis of a cockpit voice recorder tape


  • Allen Hirson City University, London
  • David M. Howard University of York




Spectrographic analysis, cockpit voice recorder, accident investigation


Hirson and Howard present a case study and analysis of the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from a South African Airways passenger aircraft off Mauritius on 28 November 1987.

Author Biographies

Allen Hirson, City University, London

Allen Hirson is a Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Communication Studies at City University, London where he also directs the speech acoustics laboratory. His research interests include the analysis of inter-individual and intra-individual variation in the pronunciation of consonant sounds, forensic musicology and the decoding of speech in noisy and difficult recordings.

David M. Howard, University of York

David Howard is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electronics at the University of York. He is editor of Voice, the journal of the British Voice Association, and his research interests include forensic musicology, the phonetic analysis of singing and the decoding of speech in noise-contaminated recordings.



How to Cite

Hirson, A., & Howard, D. M. (2013). Spectrographic analysis of a cockpit voice recorder tape. International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law, 1(1), 59–69. https://doi.org/10.1558/ijsll.v1i1.59