The Perception of Anti-Semitic Hatred in the Italian Media and Justice System


  • Giacomo Buoncompagni University of Florence



crime, journalism, justice, hate speech, anti-Semitism


The so-called neo-anti-Semitism, perceived differently by Italian journalists and lawyers, highlights the problem of identity in a multicultural society at the local level, of understanding the Other and (its) history, of the relationship between the public sphere and the networked society: the Jews, due to their unique history of diaspora, have always brought out the dialectic between the particular and the universal in the eyes of the world. This condition further “stretched” hatred in societies, especially anti-Semitic sentiment combined with conspiracy. Therefore, it is necessary for public institutions to understand and investigate contemporary forms of hate. This article will present part of the results of research that investigated the level of perception of journalists and jurists on the phenomenon of anti-Semitism.


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Author Biography

  • Giacomo Buoncompagni, University of Florence

    Giacomo Buoncompagni (PhD) is a research fellow in sociology of communication at University of Florence, Italy. His research focuses on media and journalism, migration and cyber hate phenomena.


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