“The Fabric of our Lives”

Catholic Church Perspectives on the Internet


  • Jim McDonnell SIGNIS (the World Catholic Association for Communication)




information ethics, information society, Internet, media ecology, right to communicate


This paper is a first attempt to explore how a theology of communication might best integrate and develop reflection on the Internet and the problematic area of the so-called “information society.” It examines the way in which official Church documents on communications have attempted to deal with these issues and proposes elements for a broader framework including “media ecology,” information ethics and more active engagement with the broader social and policy debates.


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Author Biography

Jim McDonnell, SIGNIS (the World Catholic Association for Communication)

Jim McDonnell is the Director of Development for SIGNIS (the World Catholic Association for Communication). Publications include “Maybe Angels: Glimpses of Spirituality in Popular Cul-ture” in Srampickal et al. (eds), Cross Connections: Interdisciplinary Communication Studies at the Gregorian University (Rome: PUG, 2006), “Des-perately Seeking Credibility: English Catholics, the News Media and the Church,” in J. Mitchell and S. Marriage (eds), Mediating Religion: Con-versations in Media, Religion and Culture (London: T&T Clark, 2003). 134 Worple Road London SW19 4JF UK


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