Review of the Contemporary Literature on Islam and Muslims in the UK through the Lens of Immigration Issues, Civic Participation and International Constraints


  • Ron Geaves Cardiff University



literature review, Muslims in Britain


The following article explores the development of academic scholarship on the presence of Muslims in Britain through the lens of immigration issues, civic participation and international constraints. It intends to identify the key players in the field over the last forty years. In doing so, it will inevitably overlook the historians now working on the earlier presence of Muslims in Britain. However, the article hopes to demonstrate the increasing academic interest in the study of Muslims in Britain and some of the trends and transformations in academic interest. The article does not detail the networking activities of the important Muslims in Britain Research Network established by Jorgen Nielsen when he worked at Selly Oak College in Birmingham in the 1980s or the Centre for the Study of Islam in Britain based at Cardiff University. However, many of the contributors to the study of Muslims in Britain will have benefitted from the work of the Network and the Centre. In some ways the existence of both is an indicator of the growth of the subject area and the role of the study of religion.


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Author Biography

Ron Geaves, Cardiff University

Ron Geaves is Visiting Professor in the Centre for Study of Islam in Britain based in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University. He has previously held Chairs in the Study of Religion and the Comparative Study of Religion at the University of Chester and Liverpool Hope. He is a pioneer of the study of Muslims in Britain, carrying out a number of empirical studies and publishing on the development of religious life within Muslim communities since 1988.


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