Towards an Understanding of Moral Underpinnings


  • Victor H. Knight III UNC-Chapel Hill



humanism, social norms, morals, ethics


Much of today’s public and private discourse surrounding social norms, morals, and values is non-productive, if not counter-productive. It is rare that any kind of consensus is reached when such discrepancies surface. Some of this is due to honest disagreement among genuinely reflective and open-minded individuals, but it is becoming more obvious that a large and perhaps growing portion of this problem stems from misunderstandings about the nature of these concepts themselves. Sadly, these misunderstandings do not seem to be diminishing. This essay is an attempt to further the clarification of these ideas from the perspective of a concerned citizen.

Author Biography

Victor H. Knight III, UNC-Chapel Hill

Victor Knight earned his BA in physics from UNC-Chapel Hill and did graduate work in both materials science and physics. He has worked in fiber optics as well as in RF telecommunications. He is an avid reader with a lasting interest in philosophy, and has recently begun writing in his spare time.





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Knight III, V. (2014). Towards an Understanding of Moral Underpinnings. Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, 21(2), 91–102.