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C&M 18.1

Table of Contents

'It sounds very negative': How language affects patient perspectives on chemotherapy de-escalation
Courtney Andrews, Valerie Lawhon, Kimberly Wiseman and Gabrielle Rocque

Agency in endometriosis pain communication in English and Spanish
Stella Bullo, Mariana Pascual and Dalia Magaña

'Best of luck on your journey to healing': A corpus-based discourse analysis of an online forum for withdrawing benzodiazepine users
Melissa Ceuterick and Jana Declercq

'The monster in the back seat': The metaphorical representation of dementia in Flemish blogs
Silke Creten, Priscilla Heynderickx and Sylvain Dieltjens

The new Face(book) of medicine: Medical professionals, social media, and advice-giving during COVID-19
Staci Defibaugh, Suzanne M. Gut and Elizabeth E. Weems

Moving books and sensitive readers: Affective stances about fiction, film, and poetry in medical education
Anja Rydén Gramner

'I feel it’s something that irritates her': Emotions in interpreter-mediated trauma therapy sessions
Marta Kirilova and Line Højland

An initial investigation of improving acute care for hearing impaired patients through the use of a transparent surgical mask
Rachyl Pines and Karen Bradbury