Emptiness and Unknowing

An Essay in Comparative Mysticism


  • Rupert Gethin University of Bristol




mysticism, meditation, emptiness, Buddhism, apophaticism, Cūḷa-Suññata-sutta, The Cloud of Unknowing, perennialism, constructivism


Over the last fifty years the study of mysticism has been shaped by the debate between ‘perennialists’, who claim that mystical experiences are the same across different cultures, and ‘constructivists’, who claim that mystical experiences are shaped by, and hence specific to, particular religious traditions. The constructivist view is associated with the ‘discursive turn’ that has dominated the humanities for the last half century, emphasising cultural relativism. Nonetheless, the constructivist position is not without problems. Inspired in part by Lance Cousins’ 1989 comparison of Buddhaghosa’s Path of Purification and Teresa of Ávila’s Interior Castle, the present article seeks to bring out parallels in the contemplative exercises and the progress of the ‘spiritual life’ found in Buddhist accounts of meditation (such as the Cula-Suññata-sutta) and Christian apophaticism (as presented in The Cloud of Unknowing). The article seeks to establish specific parallels in the techniques of and approaches to contemplative practice in both traditions, as well as in the phenomenology of the experiences of the meditator (yogavacara) or contemplative at different stages in the work of meditation and contemplation.

Author Biography

  • Rupert Gethin, University of Bristol
    Rupert Gethin is Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol, where he has taught since 1987. His primary research interest is in the history and development of Indian Buddhist thought in the Pali Nikāyas and exegetical literature. He is the author of The Buddhist Path to Awakening (Brill 1992; Oneworld 2001), The Foundations of Buddhism (Oxford University Press 1998), Sayings of the Buddha: A selection of suttas from the Pali Nikāyas (Oxford University Press 2008) and, with R.P. Wijeratne, Summary of the Topics of Abhidhamma and Exposition of the Topics of Abhidhamma (Pali Text Society 2002). He has also published a number of scholarly articles especially on the theory of Buddhist meditation and Abhidharma. He has been President of the Pali Text Society since 2003.


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