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Author Biography

Naomi Appleton, University of Edinburgh

Naomi Appleton is Senior Lecturer in Asian Religions at the University of Edinburgh. Her primary research interest is the role of narrative in early South Asian religions. She is the author of Jātaka Stories in Theravāda Buddhism (Ashgate, 2010) as well as a number of articles on Buddhist and Jain narrative.


‘The Case of the Abhidhamma Commentary’. Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies 36–37(1–2) (2013–2014[2015]): 389–422. On this literature in general but particularly the Atthasalini, whose sources he traces back to the late second century and earlier.

‘Sanskrit Abhidharma Literature of the Mahaviharavasins’. In Text, History and Philosophy: Abhidharma across Buddhist Scholastic Traditions¸ edited by Bart Dessein and Weijen Teng, 169–222. Leiden: Brill. On the influence of Sri Lankan Abhidhamma ideas in mainland India, especially through the works of Jotipala (sixth–seventh century). This is possibly an amended version of his 2013 [Buddhist era 2556]. ‘Abhidhamma Studies II: Sanskrit Abhidharma Literature of the Mahaviharavasins’, Thai International Journal for Buddhist Studies 4: 1–61.

‘On the Earliest Buddhist Schools’. In Holy Wealth: Accounting for This World and the Next in Religious Belief and Practice: Festschrift for John R. Hinnells, edited by Almut Hintze and Alan Williams, 21–48. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

The Book of Pairs and its Commentary: A translation of the Yamaka and Yamakappakaranatthakatha, Vol I, translated by C.M.M. Shaw and L.S. Cousins.

It includes Lance’s translation of the relevant portion of the ancient commentary, the Pañcappakarana-atthakatha and is intended as the first of a planned three-volume translation of the whole Yamaka and its commentary.

‘Cetiya and Thupa: the Textual Sources’. Chapter 2 in Relics and Relic Worship in the Early Buddhism: India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Burma, edited by Janice Stargardt and Michael Willis. London: British Museum Publications

Forthcoming. ‘The sacca-sankhepa and its commentaries’. Planned to be published in the Journal of the Pali Text Society.

Earlier publications now available online:

‘The Patthana and the Development of the Theravadin Abhidhamma’, Journal of the Pali Text Society 9: 22–46. http://www.palitext.com/JPTS_scans/JPTS_1981_IX.pdf

‘The “Five Points” and the Origins of the Buddhist Schools’ The Buddhist Forum Volume II, edited by Tadeusz Skorupski, 27–60. London: School of Oriental and African Studies. http://www.shin-ibs.edu/documents/bForum/v2/03Cousins.pdf

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