Epistemology of the Brahmajala Sutta


  • Stephen A. Evans Mahachulalongkorn University, Bangkok




Brahmajāla Sutta, Buddhist Epistemology


The Brahmajala Sutta includes a list of ‘views’ that are wrong in some sense. The present paper turns the focus away from the content of the views to ask in what sense they are problematic, by what criteria they are here found to be so, and, indeed, just what kinds of things the views are. The framework in which the views are set suggests that what the Buddha finds problematic is not the content so much as the epistemological standpoint, or, more properly, the mode-of-being of which the views are a part: it is the samana-brahmanas who proclaim the views rather than the views per se that are wrong.

Author Biography

Stephen A. Evans, Mahachulalongkorn University, Bangkok

Lecturer, International Master of Arts Programme, Mahachulalongkorn University


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