Two Series of Kaludayi’s Verses in the Pali Commentaries

A Literal Translation


  • Aruna Keerthi Gamage International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden University



nature poetry, Kāḷudāyī, Theragāthā, Buddhavaṃsa commentary, Apadāna commentary


The Theragatha of the Khuddakanikaya has only ten stanzas (vv. 527–536) uttered by the Elder Kaludayi. However, the Madhuratthavilasini (Bv-a), the commentary to the Buddhavamsa preserves 64 stanzas ascribed to the Elder while the Visuddhajanavilasini (Ap-a), the commentary to the Apadana quotes a different series consisting of 48 stanzas ascribed to him. It is probable that these two series contain ancient verses which could not be accommodated within the Pali canon and then continued to be preserved in the commentaries as extra-canonical texts. Yet some of the verses in these two series appear to be later compositions. The present article offers a literal translation of the Bv-a and the Ap-a verses, which have so far received no scholarly attention.


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