Reuse of Text in Pali Legal Commentaries


  • Petra Kieffer-Pulz Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz



Pāli commentarial legal literature, Samantapāsādikā, Kaṅkhāvitaraṇī, Pālimuttaka-vinayavinicchaya-saṅgaha, Vinaya-lakkhaṇa-rāsī, Pātimokkha-padattha-anuvaṇṇanā


We will examine three types of reuse represented in Pali legal literature: (1) unacknowledged borrowings of authoritative opinions and definitions adapted (such as by dropping the references given in the source text) and rearranged (Samantapasadika > Kankhavitarani; fourth to fifth century ce); (2) unacknowledged borrowings of largely unchanged selected text portions being rearranged (Samantapasadika > Vinaya-sangaha; twelfth century CE); and (3) unconnected extracts of unchanged text portions lined up in the sequence of the source text (for instance Patimokkha-padattha-anuvannana > Vinaya-lakkhana-rasi; eighteenth (?) century CE).


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