Open Access/Archiving

If contributors are required to publish their article on an open access basis, the journal offers a GOLD Access option subject to payment of an article processing fee and following normal peer review. See details of our policy here including fees. 

In addition, the journal publishes editorials and reviews and from time to time, other material open access.  This material may not be reproduced, amended or in any way altered. It may not be used in classroom texts or any other form of commercial or non-commercial reproduction. For permission to reuse any material from the journal, please contact Val Hall.

Institutional Repository Deposit

If required by their institutions or funders,  authors may post the post-refereed Accepted Manuscript version of the article in their Institutional Repository (only) with the appropriate acknowledgements and with an embargo period prohibiting public access for a period 24 months from the date of official publication. They may do this upon acceptance of their mss but the institution may not provide public access until the embargo period has expired and when it does so, it must be under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND licence. It is mandatory that the institution link to the Equinox site where the version of record resides on the Equinox site. Institutions are required to sign an agreement which we will supply at the request of the author. Under no circumstances may authors post the final PDF of the article but only the contributor’s accepted manuscript version and neither may they post the PDF on any public site whatsoever.