When David Met Michel


  • David Burke Griffiths York University




empathy, students, Vancouver, University of British Columbia, analysis, joy, friend, Geist


I entered the Department of Religious Studies in Vancouver in the Fall of 1974. Michel was a year or two advanced and the first person to befriend me and "show me the robes." He is a unique individual with generosity of Geist or empathy, and deep analytical skills, wide interests, lucid thinking. His books and many students are evidence of this. It has been a deep joy to be his friend through the years. He has always helped me with intellectual projects and been attentive to personal issues, and all this without a touch of pedantry or arrogance. In addition to his deep learning in Religious Studies and related topics, he has a gift for empathic listening, and a singular capacity to think on his feet and lecture with amazing lucidity.




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Griffiths, D. B. (2019). When David Met Michel. Religious Studies and Theology, 38(1-2), 223–225. https://doi.org/10.1558/rsth.38299