A Case Study of Hula Schools


  • Yoko Kurokawa



hula, hula schools, Hawaiian music


Yoko Kurokawa observes that Japanese interest in hula has increased substantially from the early 1980s to the mid 1990s, and documents the rise in popularity of hula schools in Tokyo. Kurokawa addresses key questions around the attraction of the Japanese to Hawaiian music, and places this current phase of popularity within a broader historical context of hula in Japan. This builds on research first published in Perfect Beat in 1994, exhibiting once again the journal's commitment to continuing discourses of research (see Hosokawa, 1994; Coyle and Coyle, 1995).


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Kurokawa, Y. (2015). HULA HALAU IN TOKYO: A Case Study of Hula Schools. Perfect Beat, 4(4), 61–72.