An interview with Tiki Taane

Expressing cultural heritage and identity through music


  • Oli Wilson Otago University



Popular Music, New Zealand, Māori, identity, Taonga pūoro, Kapa haka


In this Riff article, Oli Wilson engages in a discussion with Tiki Taane, who is one of New Zealand's most successful and celebrated musicians. The interview explores and outlines the fluidity of contemporary musical representations of M?ori culture and identity in Taane's music, and provides new perspectives on popular music’s capacity to express indigeneity in a New Zealand context.

Author Biography

Oli Wilson, Otago University

Oli Wilson is a Lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago, New Zealand, where he teaches popular music studies and ethnomusicology. His main area of research is music in Oceania, and he specializes in the recording industry and popular music in Papua New Guinea.


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