The impact of loss on divorce mediation


  • Meredith Yates South East London Family Mediation Bureau



family mediation, psychoanalysis, divorce mediation


In the course of 25 years of mediating divorce disputes it has become clear to me that once the hostilities between parents in dispute are dissipated and understanding is re-established, a resolution is usually relatively easily achieved. I have also learnt that agreements endure for longer when hostilities have ceased, and research shows that children suffer less damage. In this paper I examine the factors that cause these hostilities and begin to look at what resolves them and restores mutual regard. A later paper will examine more fully the strategies by which hostilities are moderated and regard is restored in the mediation process.

Author Biography

Meredith Yates, South East London Family Mediation Bureau

Meredith Yates began his career as a journalist and wrote articles for the TV Times and the Economist, among others. He went on to work in London’s East End, run local London charities and start one of the first community mediation centres in the UK. Since 1990 he has specialised in child issues mediation practice at the South East London Family Mediation Bureau. He completed an MA in psychoanalytic studies at the Tavistock Institute, and trained with the Institute of Mediation and Conflict Resolution in New York and with the Conflict Resolution Centre in San Francisco. He managed Southwark Mediation Centre for 12 years and subsequently the Divorce Mediation CS in Belgravia.


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