The Women and Ecology Wholeness Farm

A Progress Report


  • St Scholastica's College



Amihan, diverse farming, Institute of Womens' Studies


Six years ago the Institute of Women’s Studies decided to buy a farm to use as an extension seminar house. The objectives of this project were: 1. To develop a bio-diverse sustainable farm that will illustrate ecology friendly farming. 2. To offer courses about women and ecology so as to instil the importance of the care and preservation of the environment and to impart strategies of doing so. This was originally planned in partnership with Amihan, a national women’s peasant organization, that was supposed to use the farm for its income-generating activity of diverse farming. This organization assigned a farmer family to live on the farm. After a year of partnership, Amihan felt it had other priorities and it allowed the farmer family to stay on at the farm as the employee of the Institute of Women’s Studies.



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