Decisive Ecological Warfare

Triggering Industrial Collapse via Deep Green Resistance


  • Todd LeVasseur College of Charleston



radical environmentalism, Deep Green Resistance, decisive ecological warfare, religious naturalism, affect theory


Deep Green Resistance (or DGR) is a US-based radical environmental group that calls for ‘decisive ecological warfare’ (DEW) that is motivated by naturalistic forms of nature spirituality and biocentric moral sentiments. Exceptionally militant, its advocates champion both aboveground and underground resistance to industrial capitalism, viewing sabotage and violence as a necessary tactic, grounding its views in both apocalyptic and millennial themes. To understand this movement, one must apprehend the ways its ecological, political, and spiritual understandings blend in ways that justify its advocacy of extreme means of ecological resistance.

Author Biography

Todd LeVasseur, College of Charleston

Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies; Environmental Studies Program Director



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LeVasseur, T. (2017). Decisive Ecological Warfare: Triggering Industrial Collapse via Deep Green Resistance. Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, 11(1), 109–130.