Joëlla Proust and Martin Fortier, <i>Metacognitive Diversity: An Interdisciplinary Approach</i>

  • Cory Marie Stade University of Southampton
Keywords: cognition, metacognition, theory of mind, mindreading


Joëlla Proust and Martin Fortier, Metacognitive Diversity: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), 464 pp. £60.00 (hbk). ISBN: 978-0-19878-971-0.

Author Biography

Cory Marie Stade, University of Southampton

My principle research interests lie in how material culture inform language origins research, especially lithic technology and its transmission in the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic.  I am currently investigating porcelain as a medium for lithic experimentation and cultural transmission studies.  Other research interests include the evolutionary origins of syntactic structure in language, handaxe variability through time and space, copyability of knapping gestures, and the relationship between theory of mind, linguistic ability and cultural transmission.


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Stade, C. M. (2019). Joëlla Proust and Martin Fortier, <i>Metacognitive Diversity: An Interdisciplinary Approach</i&gt;. Journal of Cognitive Historiography, 4(2), 293-295.
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