Journeys in the City

Homeless Archaeologists or Archaeologies of Homelessness


  • Rachael Kiddey Independent Social Research Foundation
  • Andrew Daffnis
  • Jane Hallam Homeless Heritage
  • Mats Brate Freelance painter and illustrator



homelessness, heritage, homeless landscapes


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Author Biographies

Rachael Kiddey, Independent Social Research Foundation

Rachael Kiddey received her PhD from the University of York in 2015. She now works part-time as editorial assistant for the Independent Social Research Foundation. Rachael is currently finishing a monograph based on her archaeological research into contemporary homelessness which will be published by Oxford University Press. She lives in Devon with her husband and young son.

Andrew Daffnis

Andrew Dafnis is now housed in a flat in Bristol, UK. He has fully recovered from heroin addiction but has since been diagnosed with a rare form of extreme headaches caused by tri-geminal neuralgia. He counters the pain by spending as much time as possible walking his dog, Tinker, and growing vegetables and flowers in his garden.

Jane Hallam, Homeless Heritage

Jane Hallam is a valued member of the Homeless Heritage team, and remains homeless in Bristol with her dog, Patch.

Mats Brate, Freelance painter and illustrator

Mats Brate holds an MFA in Environmental Art from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design, Stockholm. He works as a freelance painter and illustrator and part-time as assistant headmaster at Olands Fokhogskola. He lives with his family in Farjestaden on the island of Oland, Sweden.




How to Cite

Kiddey, R., Daffnis, A., Hallam, J., & Brate, M. (2016). Journeys in the City: Homeless Archaeologists or Archaeologies of Homelessness. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, 2(2), 235–244.