Excellent journal -- interesting and well-done papers, widely cited, with definite impact on the world archaeological community. In short, this journal has everything we look for in assessing an item for SCOPUS.

The Journal of Contemporary Archaeology is the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to explore archaeology’s specific contribution to understanding the present and recent past. The term contemporary in the title refers to the assessment of the current situation and future prospects of the discipline on the one hand and archaeologies of the recent past and present on the other.

Is it archaeology to investigate the material culture of Sex PistolsSculptures of the USSR pavilion at the International Exhibition of 1937? Graffiti writings in Sydney’s suburbs? According to a group of studies in the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, the answer is definitely yes. They argue for the vitality of archaeological questions in many realms of contemporary society and extend the scope of archaeological analysis to contemporary pieces of material culture. By doing so, they re-interpret the notion of material culture in the digital world.

Another thread of discussion focuses on the socio-political implications of doing archaeology in the contemporary world in different cultural-geographical contexts and drafts future research agendas.

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Current Issue

Vol 6 No 1 (2019): Special Issue: Futurity, Time, and Archaeology
Published: 2019-06-26



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