The World's Golden Rule in Christian Mode


  • Michele A. Connolly Catholic Institute of Sydney



The Golden Rule, Gospel of Matthew, ethics in pastoral care, world religions


This article provides a brief, simple introduction to what is known as the Golden Rule as contribution to the theme of the 2015 Spiritual Care Australia Conference, “The Ground of our Being: Heritage, Identity, Connectedness”. The aim of this conference was that, “As chaplains and pastoral carers we need to be grounded in our own particular faith, spiritual roots, traditions and practices in order to be effective” (Spiritual Care Australia 2015). Reflecting on this aim, it seemed that something I, as a scholar of the Christian Scriptures could contribute, would be a presentation on the way the Golden Rule is expressed in the Christian Scriptures and understood in that tradition.

Author Biography

Michele A. Connolly, Catholic Institute of Sydney

Dr Michele Connolly, PhD, is a Catholic Sister of St. Joseph of Lochinvar and Lecturer at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia.


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