The Transforming Ground of Our Being

A Personal Reflection


  • Sarah Bachelard Australian Catholic University



spirituality, spiritual care, religion, transformation


This article explores whether or not it is important that spiritual carers are grounded in a particular religious tradition. The article’s focus is not primarily on the possibility and limits of interfaith spiritual care, but on the relationship between spiritual care and religious belonging and practice. While it is written from a Christian perspective, the article hopes to raise issues concerning the practice of spiritual care relevant to those of other traditions as well. This is an edited version of a conference paper presented at the “The Ground of Our Being” Spiritual Care Australia Conference, Hobart,Tasmania 2015.

Author Biography

Sarah Bachelard, Australian Catholic University

Revd Dr Sarah Bachelard is an Anglican priest and theologian. Sarah is a former Rhodes Scholar with degrees in theology from Oxford University and philosophy from the ANU. She is the founder and director of Benedictus Contemplative Church, a research fellow at the Australian Catholic University and a member of the World Community for Christian Meditation. She is the author of Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis and Resurrection and Moral Imagination.


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