Life’s Meaning and Religion in Contemporary Europe

The Case of Slovenia


  • Matija Kržan Marmara University



Meaning of Life, Meaning in Life, Religion, Religiosity, Spirituality, Social Connectedness


The challenges of modernity in the West have been numerous, affecting even the deepest or existential segments of human being. That the anxiety of the modern era has led to crises has been claimed by many. At the same time religion, in this case Christianity, has undergone notable changes, where its institutional and social roles have been particularly weakened. Since religions seek to assert metaphysical knowledge and answer existential questions, I examine if and to what extent religiosity determines meaning in an individual’s life. A questionnaire was developed consisting of seven scales measuring Higher Meaning of Life, General Meaning in Life, Religiosity, Spirituality, Faith Maturity, Faith in Day-to-Day Life and Social Connectedness. Results show that higher meaning of life and general meaning in life are two separate categories, determined by different parameters. In terms of absolute values, participants have reported significantly lower mean value on the Higher Meaning of Life scale in comparison with General Meaning in Life scale. Further analysis shows that religiosity is not a key predictor of higher meaning of life, nor general meaning in life. As giving meaning and purpose is considered to be one of the essential functions of religion, I conclude that religiosity, and consequently religion, does not fulfil one of its main functions in contemporary Slovenia. However, spirituality has been measured to have a considerable effect on the higher meaning of life.


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Author Biography

Matija Kržan, Marmara University

Matija Kržan holds a PhD in Sociology of Religion (Marmara University). His scholarship examines and contextualizes various dimensions of religion and spirituality and their effect on the life of a modern individual, including existential and life’s meaning questions.


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