About the Journal

Nicholas Marquez-Grant, Cranfield University
Archaeological and Environmental Forensic Science is a journal that specialises in the inter-relationship between archaeological and environmental sciences and forensic practice. It covers both the use of archaeological and environmental methods in forensic examination and the application of forensic methods beyond their primary investigative context, particularly in the field of archaeology. A wide range of subject areas are addressed including post mortem interval, trauma and pathology, provenancing of both people and objects, taphonomy, environmental scene sampling, techniques of search, location, geoprospection and excavation. The methods considered to address these themes will range from those of scene investigation to the analytical such as phase identification, elemental, molecular and isotopic. AEFS publishes specially commissioned review papers, which aim to give an overview of a particular subject or issue; papers which report new methods or techniques and case studies which are short accounts of forensic cases where archaeological and/or environmental methods played a critical or new role. It incorporates work relevant to both civil and criminal cases.
AEFS aims to provide a platform for scientific research and broader discussion that incorporates all aspects of environmental and forensic science from collection at the crime scene to presentation in the court room, as well as considering the ramifications of such work for the wider scientific community.

Two issues per volume year 

ISSN:2052-3378 (print)
ISSN:2052-3386 (online)